Shawshank Redemption Sparknotes

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The Shawshank Redemption is about Andy Dufresne, A banker from Maine who is sentenced to two life terms in a harsh prison, Shawshank Prison. Andy claims he's innocent, but many doubt him. During the first night, Red an inmate that was in for murder,and his friends bet on which new inmate would break down first and he bets on Andy. Red lost the Bet, and loses two cigarettes. Andy approaches Red, who smuggles contraband into the prison and asks him for a rock hammer. Andy claims it's for his hobby of rock collecting, but Red suspects he would use it to escape. Red quickly loses interest, when he sees how small the tool really is. Red and Andy, get jobs detailing roofs on the prisons buildings. Andy overhears Chief Guard Hardley, complaining about paying taxes for the money he is about…show more content…
The Warden sees how intelligent Andy is and moves him from hard labor, into the Library. Andy helps other guards with their taxes and college funds for their children. After 6 years of writing letters to the state, Andy receives two hundred dollars and used books for his library. Andy finds out about the Warden stealing money. After calling the Warden “obtuse” Andy is sent to Solitary for a month. One morning during count, Andy doesn't show up. The guard goes up to his cell to find it empty. Red is sent to Andy’s cell while Warden asks him questions. As he is asking him questions, he is throwing Andy’s rocks around the room. The rock hits a poster and goes through it. The Warden rips down the poster to find a hole in the wall. Andy escaped and stole the Wardens money. He mailed an article about a murder at the prison to the local press. At the prison, Hardley is arrested. When they go looking for the Warden, He is locked in his office with a gun. He then points the gun at himself and commits suicide. Red finally gets approved for parole and leaves
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