Shawshank Redemption Themes

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Frank Darabont directed The Shawshank Redemption and wrote the screenplay based on the novel Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by author Stephen King. The movie was made in 1994 and produced by Niki Marvin. The movie stars Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins as two convicts serving time in a New England prison named Shawshank. Tim Robbins plays a man named Andy Dufresne, a banker, who gets convicted of murdering his wife and her lover and is sent to prison in Shawshank. Andy eventually becomes good friends with a fellow convict by the name of Ellis Boyd Redding(Morgan Freeman) who is able to get anything for anyone within reason. The story follows the prison life of Andy Dufresne and his eventual escape from Shawshank's walls. The elements…show more content…
The climax within this movie is disguised until the last scenes, constantly building suspense for the viewer and drawing the viewer in. Narrated by the prisoner, Red, played by Morgan Freeman, the film expounded upon characters from a unique point of view. By having Red narrate, the audience quickly identifies with the prisoners, there are certain common traits that the characters and audience share that produce sympathy for the incarcerated criminals.
Overall, Darabont uses affective methods of filming, causing the audience to feel Andy Dufresne desperation, sense of hopelessness, and finally his exaltation after escaping from prison. The Shawshank Redemption is an excellent depiction of a prisoner’s sense of despondency and extreme determination to overcome any given situation. Each aspect of this film was essential for the outcome, and the reason for its success. The outstanding directing style, admirable cinematography, and gripping screenplay, were all principal factors in this films successfulness and
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