Shc 31 Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings.

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SHC 31 1.1 Different reason why people communicate Personal life: • Express felling • Building and maintaining relationship • Exchange info • Offer support • Feedback Settings children and young people: • Building and maintaining relationship • Offer support (transitions) • Building confidentiality • Meet child or young person need • Gain knowledge • Giving instruction children dunning activities • Inform parents and staff • Talk to children to encourage positive behaviour Adults and other professional: • Exchange info, sharing ideas • Feedback for other professional • Learning / gaining knowledge • Request • Building and maintaining relationship • Work as a team • Negotiate and liaise…show more content…
Some people use glasses, if it is a child; we have to make sure they are clean. Provide a large print is also helpful. If necessary let a child sit closer. We allow children to touch the things to give them idea how they look. For blind people we provide material in Brile language. Environment is also very important factor. It is good to thing about location. When we talk to someone we have to make sure the place where we staying it quiet, noisy environment can affect good communication. It is good to provide neutral space where both sides will feel comfortable. Things like wall decoration, colour, lighting can affect people feeling, what can affect communication. Place should be also free from any strong smell which may affect on the people. Children, young people should feel relaxed in the environment. They are also other factor, which are very important in face to face communication they are proximity, orientation and posture. Proximity is all about distance between me and the person I am about to communicate. Everyone needs personal body space. That personal space it s change varies with age. Babies and young children like to be very close, but we have to remember everybody is different and some children who are shy or they don’t know us may not like if we stay to close. This is because anyone like being to close to people who don’t know. Some people may feel discomfort when we approach them to close, so it is good to keep distance

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