Sheá Marie Mcknight: Character Analysis

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Sheá Marie McKnight. This childhood friend shaped my background, entire identity, and my future life. From kindergarten, she was always by my side helping me through thick and thin. Unexpectedly at the age of 14, on April 7, 2015, she passed away. When I heard of this news, I was completely traumatized, but looking back on my senior year of high school, this event was transformative, both good and bad. I mentioned before that she is currently present in my life. I believe that through every event and decision I make, she is guiding me nevertheless.
From the start of kindergarten to eighth grade, Sheá and I went to the same school, Presentation BVM. We were like sisters who had the same mindset, likes, and dislikes. I always thought that we
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In 2014, Sheá decided to go to Little Flower while I decided to go to Central. After several months, we weren’t as close, but we always made an effort to text each other during every class. The risk of getting caught didn’t matter. As long as we got to say our crazy hellos, it was all okay. At the end of March, I was told that Sheá was hospitalized for medical reasons but it wasn’t anything urgent. For the three weeks she was in the hospital, I only visited once. Everyday I was told that she was going to get better and that she was okay. That wasn’t the case. Everything I’ve been told was a lie. On April 5, I tried visiting again, but her room was restricted from all visitors except family. There was no news or update until the morning of Monday, April 7th, 2014, the date of her death. Monday was the start of a school week, and I knew my parents wouldn’t let me be absent from school, so I built up all my emotions from that day. Starting from this day, I became extremely depressed. I kept on thinking that I should’ve done more, I should have spent more days with her, I should have went to the funeral, and that I should've paid my respects to her family, but due
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