She Believed in All or Nothing

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Everything happened completely unexpectedly. It was all far too fast and quick for to comprehend. The last few days have just been this complete blur in the mind of sixteen year old Celeste Clancy. It was Thursday, September 15 when it all went down; and if there was one exact detail Celeste remembered was how fair the weather had been over the sleepy town of Redmeadow. It had been rather overcast much of that morning, but the clouds made sure to clear up by mid-afternoon before allowing a small breeze to settle over the valley late into the night.

The night. That was another detail she could remember quite clearly. She had always liked the night. The dark sky and cooler temperatures allowed her to think distinctly. Now after all the events that had recently unfolded, she didn't know how to look at the moon anymore. She always felt so hollow when she gazed at it like she used to. It was a terrifying thought. Nowadays she could barely face herself in the light of the sun and it seemed like the moon had decided to abandon her as well. Whether it was because the celestial being was turning its back on her or if it was because it didn't want anyone else to see her.

Either way it was tragic to feel so alone, so empty. Celeste had felt that way for the past three days. Some people said it was just grief setting in, but she refused to believe that. It was something more, something much stronger. She had lost family before so she knew the sorrow that came with death close to her,
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