She Walks In Beauty Apostrophe To The Ocean And Don Byron Critical Analysis

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Passionate is Key (An Analysis of Lord Byron's Three Poems) Lord Byron, a romantic author from the 18th century was a man who was considered as a “player”, a man who was always with multiple women. In his lifetime Byron wrote many stories, three of those stories were, She Walks In Beauty, Apostrophe To The Ocean, and Don Juan. In those three stories Lord Byron indicates very important messages for each. The story She Walks in Beauty is a story that describes “the perfect girl” to Lord Byron. Byron is very passionate about woman and describes in his eyes what the perfect woman would look like. It tells us what is important to guys, the appearance of a woman, what they notice first. In the story Byron states “ She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies”(line1-2). That line is stating that when a woman walks in, the man first notices how she walks, and that she looks mysterious. The way a woman carries herself is very important. It's good to be confident, a woman who is confident in herself shows it in the way she walks and carries herself. Byron makes it a point at the end of the story that his girl has to be innocent. He states “A mind at peace with all below, a heart whose love is innocent”(line 17-18). In other words byron is like a tiger, he is experienced. He likes girls who are like lambs, innocent, young, and simple. Just like the girl he describes in She Walks In Beauty. Not only is Byron passionate about woman he is also passionate about

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