She Walks In Beauty By Lord Byron Analysis Essay

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Live Life to the Fullest (An analysis of three of Byron’s poems and their messages) Lord Byron, a generation two romantic poet who left an extremely prominent mark in history. Along with his immense talent in poetry, he was also known for his extreme interest in women. Clara Drummond, a romantics biographer explains, “Byron had many lovers, and most biographers agree that he had relations with over 1,000 woman.” Aside from his immoral activities his poetry is heavily influenced by Nature, as are most of the romantics poets. Lord Byron explains three messages in each of his three poems, She Walks in Beauty, To The Ocean, and Don Juan; their messages being carrying yourself in a proper manner, familiarity at a young age, and how old age brings less excitement. In the poem She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron explains one very important message. The way a person carries themselves can reveal many things about their character. I'm today's society there are constantly changing opinions, new ideas, and false hopes. Through all these different obstacles the ability to keep the same self through them all is a very sought after quality. In the poem She Walk in Beauty Lord Byron explains, “And on that cheek, and o’er that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent” (lines 13-14). Byron is speaking of first impressions. When a person is seen for the first time the impression they leave will be everlasting and will set the tone for the upcoming relationship. Another point to be made about Byron’s quote is that men are attracted to women who carry themselves gently and mysteriously. Woman have a tendency to be strong willed and very outspoken, but Byron is suggesting that men would rather a quiet and respectful women. To The Ocean is another poem written by Lord Byron he explains another prominent message. Learning and becoming familiar with things at a young contribute to the ability to try new. Fear causes many people to not try new things and ultimately leads them to missing out on the real joys of life. Lord Byron explains this point in the poem To The Ocean when he suggests, “And trusted to thy billows far and near, And laid my hand upon thy mane- as I do here,” (lines 61-62). In this excerpt Lord Byron explains his

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