She Walks in Beauty

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"She Walks in Beauty," The Analysis She Walks in Beauty is a poem in which the author speaks of the physical beauty of a woman; a female who the author encountered. This encounter lead him to visualize a great distinct physical image of her so he began to speak of this phenomenal attractiveness. A special quality in her was being able to be identified with the heaven. Beautiful like the stars and clearly visible as a cloudless night. The poem "She Walks in Beauty" came by as an inspiration to the author. This occurred at an event attended by the author where he meet his cousin which is the woman the author speaks about in the poem. The author lord Byron wrote this poem which is found in the Hebrew Melodies. This publication is found with…show more content…
She Walks in beauty can be defined as a lyric poem because of its many characteristics. There are many lyric forms expressed in it. Lyric poetry is often short, expressing the intense feelings and thoughts of the speaker as clearly shown throughout this poem. She walks in beauty demonstrates brevity, melody and an emotional intensity in all of its emotional expressions; thus making a relationship of what typically characterizes a lyric poem. The poem consist of three six-line stanzas in which a description of the woman 's beauty of a woman is prominent. This is a woman with whom Byron is acquainted. The development of the poem clearly shows the voice through which the poem is spoken, This poem was written as a final product showing how her presence provided for inspiration. The speaker of "She walks in Beauty" feels a highly admiration for this woman to the point that he thinks he is in love with her. The way she walks, her harmonious movement, and her brightness lead the speaker to contrast her with the beauty of the night; which reflects her self control, steadiness, and balance. This is clearly understood when Byron speaks of her image. This is noted on his voice. Lord Byron 's "She Walks in Beauty" shows a perfect harmony whit its alternating rhymes. The poem has a new

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