She Was Just Alex

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Alex’s face shimmered in the mirror. She concentrated, narrowing her blue eyes on the reflection only to close them with a sigh when nothing happened. Snatching the stuffed dolphin off her dresser, she whipped it across the room, where it landed with a defeated squeak. Fifteen years. Fifteen years of being a freak, a nobody, that person who was a halfie. Half of herself. Other people, normal humans, could turn. Her dad was a dolphin, her friend was a robin, and she, well she was just Alex. Just Alex. The words bounced around her skull. A mocking voice filled with cruelty and hatred. Hatred for everyone who couldn't change. There was no one to blame, but she tried so hard. Her mom had been a halfie too, so Alex pretended genes caused it. Scientific fact stated otherwise. Halfies were mutations, a skipped DNA sequence. Two halfies made a halfie, but a single one and a normal human should make another normal human. A human who wouldn't be doomed to hate and discrimination and being treated like a diseased animal. But Alex wasn't a should. She was a just, and that’s all she would ever be. In the distance, her alarm started playing soft flute music. She shot up, and out her door. Clambering downstairs, backpack slung over her shoulder in a rush, Alex crashed into her father. He looked at her empty hands and frowned. “Lunch.” Not a question, a demand. “Whatever." A standard reply. “Now.” Alex groaned, and stalked into the kitchen. She swiped an apple and a roll from the

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