Sheding the Light on the Privatization of Prisons from the Costs Point of View

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In 2013 a paper from authors, Kish and Lipton discuss the title: Do private prisons really offer savings compared with their public counterparts? The purpose of this article is to shed light on the privatization as far as the cost savings. The authors point out the key points of cost saving are: The construction of a private prison is typically faster since voter approval is not required. The reduction of staff members is one way of reducing cost. The author states the problem being, the measurement and similar comparison of facilities plague research in this field. Matching prison facilities and populations is challenging. Medical costs are large part of the budget in a prison. The full cost of such contracting is difficult to evaluate and can be ignored by studies. Another problem to comparing private and public prisons is the lack of access to private prisons budget information. There are differences in accounting systems, which make it more difficult in uncovering the true cost of the private facilities. Studies also focus on male prisons and not all types of facilities (Kish and Lipton, 3013). The author touches on the fact that it is hard to get information on the budget and accounting of a private company. However, in Florida the management of the contracts of private prisons were placed under the oversight of a state committee.
Author Debra Miller states in her article, Private prisons-Grade incomplete, that the former director of the federal…