Sheelagh O Toughnessy Case Study

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Although only a small minority of evacuees were victims of abuse. Unfortunately the guardians of Sheelagh O'Shaughnessy, one of the minority of the numerous children, not only starved her but, they subjugated her to fatiguing and strenuous work, and they sexually abused her. Her father had recently passed away, and left her mother to care for and look after his news agent, tobacco, and confectionary business, not to mention, to also care for their three young children – a virtually impossible task at the beginning of World War II due to the rationings and the bombings, which both steadily increased in their hometown. At the young age of 7, Sheelagh was evacuated from Silvertown Viaduct alongside her eldest brother Ivor – age 9 – and younger…show more content…
O'Shaughnessy moved to fresh billets in Longworth and found other accommodations for Sheelagh and Alan in the Shellingford countryside with a childless farm laborer and his Yorkshire wife. Despite the fact that they had no experience of bringing up children and were very strict, they did fed the children well. It was Sheelagh’s first experience of all of the wonders of country life and all of the diverse animals. She picked wild flowers and often went to a farm to see cows being milked. One day Sheelagh and Alan – not to mention their older brother Ivor - were told that they were once again going to be relocated. Expectantly, the children were quite upset at the prospect of being replaced without knowledge of where or whom they would be lodging with. They were taken to a small and cozy cottage, the purposefully phony re-billet officer knocked on the door, the door opened and there before their very eyes stood their precious and hardworking mum. Previously their mother found this condemned cottage near Longworth and convinced the farmer who owned it to let her rent it. It was tremendously primitive, no electricity, water, or sewerage; the whole place was falling to pieces with the roof full of birds and vermin
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