Sheep By Valerie Hobbs

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I am Yeung Pik Ting from 5M. My book is Sheep by Valerie Hobbs. I am going to do task 3 – A gift for a character. I would like to give Luke, the owner of Jack a house with a big garden. I think this will be the most suitable and the best gift for both Luke and Jack. Luke is a homeless kid and he was living in the Good Shepherd house for boys. However, he didn’t like the house and he didn’t have a sense of belonging in the Good Shepherd house for boys. He didn’t have his own home so he could not provide a proper home for Jack. They lacked privacy and a room for them to be alone comfortably. The house can provide them a shelter and the feeling of security which both Luke and Jack lack. Luke and Jack would be very happy and glad to see they could
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