Sheep Skin Are You In Essay

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Whose Skin Are You In? When people think of animal abuse they usually think of cows, pigs, and chickens, but the real problem lies with sheep. Thousands of sheep are abused every day. Their ordeal is lifelong and the shearing process leaves everlasting emotional and physical scars. Even the smallest actions can save numerous sheep. To begin with the life of a sheep is devoted to pain and misery. Almost 15% of lambs do not survive birth. Hundreds of thousands of lambs die of heat exhaustion and starvation before reaching eight weeks old. Lambs that do survive have their ears hole punched and tails severed. As they grow older they are exposed to many deadly diseases and despicable abuse. One diseases that is a major concern to sheep’s health is flystrike where flies lay eggs in the sheep’s stop this illness farmers chop off the infected parts of the sheep’s skin leaving sheep with huge patches of missing skin. This practice is known as “mulesing’ and the worst part about it is it does not work. The sheep end up dying from infection. As sheep continue to grow the wool they produce decreases and decreases but due to the live export industry the sheep’s suffering is…show more content…
A small action could save numerous sheep from abuse. Next time you are buying a coat stay away from wool. By you not buying a wool coat a sheep is saved from shearing. Also you can boycott UGGs. UGG is one of the main wool using companies in the world. Cozy slippers can be found else wear without harming sheep. Many companies have stepped up to end this cruelty. Including H&M, Addidas, UNIQLO, and Perry Elis. These stores and many more have specifically promised not to use wool from sheep that have been mulesed. When you are looking for something for dinner steer clear of the lamb section. By doing this one less lamb must go to the slaughterhouse. By all means I’m not telling you to become a vegetarian but to lay off the lamb
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