Sheila In An Inspector Calls

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J.B Priestley uses the character Sheila to portray his ideas to the audience. One of the author's techniques is the change within Sheila, from a young girl that desires material things to a conscientious and clear headed woman who makes a conscious decision to admit her failings. After the inspector started talking to Sheila, the audience quickly found out that she did actually have a part in the events that lead to the death of Eva Smith / Daisy Renton. Sheila had forced the manager at Millwards to fire Eva / Daisy because she was jealous of how well the dress fitted her. As soon as she admitted to making the manager fire Eva Smith / Daisy Renton she then defended herself by saying, “she was a pretty girl and looked like she could take care of herself.” The word…show more content…
At this point in the play the audience understands that Sheila was a spoilt character who at this point did not think about the consequences of her actions. When Sheila says Eva Smith / Daisy Renton “looked like she could take care of herself” it demonstrates how little appreciation she had of what this phrase actually meant. It emphasises that Sheila did not have any experience about the struggles that those in the lower classes had to go through just to survive on a day to day basis. It also shows that she thought that her actions were acceptable because she even considered that Eva Smith / Daisy Renton could take care of herself, meaning that as long as she didn’t go on the street Sheila could abuse her power gained by her higher class to show her jealousy and make Eva / Daisy feel bad and lose the job. The author / playwright may have purposely done this to highlight the capitalistic childhood that Sheila would have been bought up by from her father, Mr
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