Sheila and Eric Are Important in an Inspector Calls

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In what ways are the characters of Sheila and Eric important in the play? The characters of Sheila and Eric are important in the play as; Priestley introduces them to be coming from a trouble-free, spoiled and wealthy family background where there are no problems, although later we find out that this is not the case. Firstly, they are important since, they represent the younger generation who are open to change and equality. They are open to new ideas as well as, improvements. The evidence for this is found in act1 when, Eric and Sheila express their sympathy for the strikers which, Birling completely disagrees with being, a business man, who can only think of money and doesn’t care about others emotions and worries. Plus, their…show more content…
The inspector shows another side to Sheila’s character, her gentle side. Perhaps Sheila can be separated from the rest of the family because; she is the only one, apart from Eric who is able to accept responsibility for her actions. Also, when Gerald’s affair is revealed, Sheila is expected by her parents to forgive his behaviour and carry on as though nothing had happened. Sheila disagrees and returns her engagement ring. This shows how much Sheila changed from her old self. Together with Eric, who was described by Priestley as shy and childish. This changed as we realised his part in Eva’s death. Eric was honest and admitted his faults. Eric refuses to try to cover his part up, saying, what he did is what he did and he can’t change it. He was embarrassed that he was a hardened drinker. He is a thief and he later feels the guilt of this when he realises he contributed in encouraging Eva Smith's death and that he was the father of her unborn child. Moreover, when Eric realises that his mother is partly responsible for the death of his unborn child he is petrified, shocked and turbulent. By the end of the play Eric had taken responsibility for his actions alongside Sheila. Overall, without Eric and Sheila there would be no moral to the play nor any hope. They are the future generation meaning they are the most important because you can’t change the past but you can change the
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