Shel Silverstein

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Shel Silverstein was born in Chicago, Illinois 1932 and died May 10, 1999 from a heart attack. Shel Silverstein was a well know and well liked author/poet. Silverstein noticed his talents when he was twelve years old. When most boys are playing sports and chasing girls, Shel was at home writing and drawing original pieces. His talents were well –developed by the time he served in the US Armed Forces during the 1950's. While in the military he was a cartoonist for the Pacific Edition of the military newspaper Stars and Stripes. After his time spent in the military he became a cartoonist for Playboy in 1956. Those works for Playboy were then published into collections named " A Playboy's Teevee Jeebies" and "More Playboy's Teevee Jeebies…show more content…
The question is: Is poetry relevant in the year 2005? I personally feel that poetry is what a person makes of it. Some people hate poetry so they do not read it at all. Other people (like me) love poetry so in my world and theirs it is relevant. To teenagers today poetry and reading has been taken over by T.V, movies and music. Poetry is not as relevant to people today because before there was not T.V and movies, now a days people do not have to sit down and read to entertain themselves they can just flip a switch to watch T.V. Works Cited Silverstein, Shel. Where the Sidewalk Ends – 30th Annivarsary Edition New York: HarperCollins, 2004 Silverstein, Shel. A Light in the Attic. New York: HaperCollins, 1981 Shel Silverstein Offical Website. Shel Silverstein Biography.
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