Shel Silverstein 's Life And Its Effects On Society

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“I would hope that people, no matter what age, would find something to identify with my books…,” Shel Silverstein. (Ward 13) Throughout Shel Silverstein’s books he writes things that seem like a simple poem, but when the poems are deciphered they reveal a much deeper meaning. A situation may seem like a silly story about magic, but in reality it is a situation that encourages people to reach their full potential and take all they can from life. This also alludes to the fact that individuals can change the world by simply being themselves and portraying a positive image about themselves to the world. Furthermore, Shel Silverstein’s books encourage people to be themselves and to not let others influence how they think of themselves. Through Silverstein’s various works he has encouraged all age groups to embrace their individuality and he has taught people various life lessons through a more understandable medium. Someone’s life can be changed based on the obstacles that come up in their lives and how they handle them, also an individual’s life can be changed based on how they portray themselves and their individuality to the world. Which as Shel Silverstein stated, “…I guess in life it all depends on [which] magic flask you open.” (Silverstein 16) This simply means that life can change depending on what a person takes from each situation and different people will be grateful for different things. Furthermore, when looking closely at the idea of opening a “magic flask” it can

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