Shelby Bryant . Professor Brandon Underwood. Ethics And

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Shelby Bryant
Professor Brandon Underwood
Ethics and Society
21 March 2017

3) Kant and Ross represent two very different forms of deontological ethical theory. Begin by explaining what their two theories have in common. Explain Kant’s categorical imperative. Pick an example and show how his position compares to Ross’ notion of prima facie obligations.

Ross and Kant do represent very different forms of deontological theory although Ross did implement some aspects of Kantian deontology. Both believed there to be duties or moral obligations that we are to follow when making ethical decisions. Kant called his categorical imperative or perfect and imperfect duties. Ross called his prima facia duties, but both agree there are some cases
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Ross believes it’s our life experiences that make us sounder to make moral decisions. We are all going to fall short of our expectations to reach the ultimate morality or in a sense divinity. We are all created in God’s image, but we are all imperfect as humans. As humans we are always faced with some sort of moral decisions all the time, but how we make those decisions are what defines who we are. For example, if I pay a traffic ticket to avoid a fine or worse being arrested I will have done the right thing, but my action will have no moral significance. Only if I pay the loan out of a sincere sense of personal obligation and a willing adherence to principle will my right action also be morally good according to Kant. Where Ross would argue that paying that traffic ticket may be morally right we have other obligations and considerations that need to be taken into consideration when deciding what is morally right. The biggest difference between the two is that Ross does allow some grey area, and room for mistakes. Where Kant wouldn’t allow any room for error because there shouldn’t be any. If you deem something to be morally right it better be for the good of society. What we have are two philosophers that are building their theories off of other philosophers that came before them. Neither of them have a complete handle on what is deemed moral nor what is ethical, but what we have is a basis of design. Both believed in doing what was right, but what is right is

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