Essay on Shell Company Oil Spills in Nigeria

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Executive Summary

Shell is one of the global energy and petroleum companies around the world. The strategy of Shell Company is to generate more profit for the organization and to move forward the business investments so that Shell Company is sustaining a competitive situation in the Global market and to provide revenues to the shareholders by meeting the global demand. Shell Company believes that oil and gas will remain one of the integral needs of global energy for economic development and Shell Company role is to provide the global with the high standard oil and gas without out harming the
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According to Shell Global (n.d.) one of the largest branches of Shell Company is Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in Nigeria which has joint venture with Nigerian Government’s Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The ratios are divided in a method of 55% to Nigerian Government, 30% to Shell Company, 10% to ELF Petroleum Nigeria Ltd and 5% to AGIP. The operation of SPDC in Nigeria has added $38 billion to the Nigerian Government in the past five years (2007-2011) together with the taxes and royalty payments. The Nigerian Government receives 95% of its profit from SPDC onshore oil and gas production in Niger Delta. In relation to Shell Company’s relation following are some key aspects.
1.1.1 Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct:
The outlay of Shell Company’s ethical standards and issues are noted under the Company’s ethical code of conduct. The Shell Company employees cannot make decision which can involve conflict of interest. It is written in code of ethics that the employees of Shell Company cannot receive gifts or payments from the contractors or other involved parties with Shell Company. The employees should behave fairly with the customers and should understand the nature of their diverse work and should never discriminate. The employees of Shell Company cannot take part in financial interest activities. They are strictly forbidden to interact with the
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