Shell Oil and the Exploitation of Nigeria Essays

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Shell Oil and the Exploitation of Nigeria      Nigeria has been a country in political turmoil for a long time. The country was created in 1914 under British colonial rule and at that time it was considered a protectorate. It was not until 1960 that Nigeria received independence from the United Kingdom. One of Nigeria's problems politically is that it has over three hundred different ethnic groups. The three largest of these are the Hausa-Fulani, Igbo, and Yoruba. At the time of the independence of Nigeria it was split up into three states with each state being under the control of one of the major ethnic groups. The natural resources of the other 297 ethnic groups were exploited for the major three groups,…show more content…
He wrote a Bill of Rights calling for protection of the environment in the Ogoni region and basic rights for the Ogoni people. His Bill of Rights was completely ignored by the government. He went on to do peaceful demonstrations against Shell's oil plants where special police forces came in and killed and injured many Ogoni people. In May 1995 Ken Sao-Wiwa and his close MOSOP associates were accused of the murders of four Ogoni chiefs. Their trial was closed to the public Ken Saro-Wiwa's legal defense resigned saying that the trial was not impartial or independent and no matter what they would all be found guilty. Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight of his close associates were all hanged. Shell has since spent millions trying to repair the damage they inadvertently caused in Nigeria and the world's major powers have taken small actions against Nigeria.      Violation of Human Rights, destruction of the environment, and denial of freedom of speech and congregation are the ethical issues raised in this case. The Human Rights violations are many. The Nigerian special police force raped, tortured, and murdered hundreds who spoke out against the tyrannical government. All together they killed 2,000 Ogoni, razed 27 villages and displaced over 80,000 people who fled into the bush as refugees. The oil spills by the Shell Company, the lying of the pipeline across farmlands, and
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