Shelley Griffiths unit 8 facilitate leaning and development in groups

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Shelley Griffiths – unit 8 Facilitating learning and development in groups

1. Understand principles and practices of learning and development in groups

1.1 Explain purposes of group learning and development.

Generally group learning is cost effective for employers, employees/learners and providers. Enabling continued and multi use of materials, resources and facilities. Group learning also ensures a consistent, common message and programme.

It allows groups to use the situation in the learning environment to develop their social interaction skills e.g. meeting new people, and share ideas. This enhances the group’s experiences, promotes collaboration, can develop their social relationships skills and allows opportunity for peer
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There can be conflict or dominance, it is important trainers recognise this and look to manage all their leaners participation in this part of the build. E.g. they can encourage specialists (knowledgeable) members to support new learners in the team.

Tuckman states Members agree on role and start problem solving.
Belibin points to the socializer’s team work and a plant for ideas, and the evaluator for clarity.
Norming - this is the stage “it can be done”. Group cohesion takes place. Ref: Ann Gravells as above.

The trainers support is important with group choice, ensuring they have the right mix and tools to assess their decisions, e.g. tools such as their course companion to tract their development.
Trainers need to self asses their guidance and support to the team and its structure throughout the learning and amend accordingly as stated earlier.

Tuckmans states: the team now is effective and produces satisfactory results, members collaborate.
Belbin points to the implementers, team worker, resource investigators and completer.
Performing - This is the “we are doing it stage” individuals feel safe and express themselves.
Ref: Ann Gravells as above.

The trainer has a dramatic effect on the tone on the course with their style of delivery and needs to constancy assess self as not to adversely affect ambiance or flow with disjoined delivery, poor responces

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