Shelley's Use of the Modern Prometheus as a Subtitle to the Novel

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Shelley's Use of the Modern Prometheus as a Subtitle to the Novel

The idea of the 'Modern Prometheus' is important in the novel in many ways as Frankenstein is widely known as being the 'Modern Prometheus'. In having said this, Frankenstein is called the modern day Prometheus as he stole from God something that was not meant to be known by humans and "animated" his idea with science and modern day technology. Also, just like Prometheus, Frankenstein and mankind were punished for these actions. Prometheus caused Zeus to create Pandora who released all evil, disaster and illnesses to mankind, while Frankenstein would live with the guilt and regret of having made this "monster" and releasing it onto
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However, the difference between their punishments is that Frankenstein was psychologically bound to alienation, while Prometheus was bound by the Gods. This is also an indicator from Shelley being that, in ancient times, it was the Gods who controlled everything, and were the ones who held responsibility for all that happened. But on modern terms, man is in control, even for his own damnation. This is another reason as to why Frankenstein is the 'Modern Prometheus'.

Throughout the novel, light imagery is used as metaphors for knowledge; an example of this would be the "thunder" that Frankenstein saw in the account of the oak tree, which symbolized the light of inspiration and the light of "utter ….destruction". A powerful cousin of light is "fire" who harms all who "penetrate" it, also fire is able to cause a "terrible destruction" to anything that it is "bestowed….upon", as seen in Frankenstein's account of how the oak tree, that can been seen as symbolizing himself, was "blasted to a stump" by the "stream of fire" "issued" by the "thunder". The association of light and "fire" then attaches a sense of harm to the light of "knowledge" and "discovery". One way of seeing the light the association of light imagery with fire is through the myth of
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