Shelly: A Fictional Narrative

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"Yeah, Michael told me. That's terrible. I'm so sorry."

"Thanks. I'm living with Melody and her parents now, so it all worked out for the best."

"I'm glad things have worked out."

"Thanks. How are things working out between you and Michael?"

"Pretty good."

Sarah suddenly saw Michael and Allison were living together. They were in their living room.

"Did you cheat on me?" Michael asked.

"Don't make me say it," Allison said.

Michael paced back and forth.

"How the fuck could you do this to me!?" Michael screamed.

That's when Sarah's vision ended.

"Hey, Sarah," Allison said. "Are you okay? You just stood there looking shocked."

"Yeah, I...I'm fine, Sarah said. "Actually, I'm not feeling well all of a sudden."
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"We didn't really speak to each other at the prom."

"I know," Melody said.

"Are things going good between you and Sarah?"

"Yes. Are things going good between you and Steve?"

"For the most part. It's just that he gets easily distracted. Steve spoke to me about it. He told me that he needs a distraction to cope with his father's bullshit."

"Yeah, that man clearly has something wrong with him."

"I can understand why Steve looks for a distraction, but it's still frustrating. It makes me wonder whether if I'm just another distraction or not."

"I don't think you are. You and Steve have been together for about two years, and he talked to you about his problems. He's trying his best to be a better boyfriend. Besides, I see the way steve looks at you with those adoring eyes. I'm starting to think that Steve loves you."

"I think I love him too."

Melody suddenly froze. She had the same look on her face that Sarah had.

"What's wrong?" Shelly asked.

"I just had a vision," Melody said. "It was nothing but darkness. Then I saw an explosion and wave of light coming from the explosion. Shelly, I think it was The Big Bang."

"So, you saw the
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