Sheltered Instruction For Native English Language Learners

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Sheltered Instruction is an approach to teach English language learners which integrates language and content instruction. To develop grade-level content area knowledge, academic skills, and increase English proficiency. Sheltered English Instruction has been used since the 1980’s, and the way the connection was made with English learners, was when students were considered “sheltered” because they studied in classes separate from “ the mainstream” and did not compete academically with native English speakers. Today the majority of ELLs study among side to native English speakers, and accommodate to the same curriculum and high-stakes tests. Teachers now see sheltered instruction of a way of teaching English language and content in English.
The way sheltered instruction is being taught is by teachers is by using clear, direct, simple English and a wide range of scaffolding strategies to communicate meaningful input in the content area to students. Including learning activities that content new content with prior knowledge among students, an example can be ELL students working with native English speakers in groups while adapting to suit their English learning proficiency level. Sheltered Instruction can be found in classes such as dual language programs, new comers program, transitional bilingual education, developmental bilingual education and English as a second language (ESL). Sheltered Instruction classes includes ELLs only or a class where both native English speakers…
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