Sheriff's Office: A Case Study

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As Fleet is taking a more active role in the maintenance of the agency motorcycles, I believe it is prudent for the Sheriff’s Office to invest in a motorcycle specific trailer. During previous years, the deputies assigned to the different motorcycles took it upon themselves to manage the maintenance and repairs of the motorcycles as needed, without consulting Fleet. Thus, if a motorcycle required maintenance or service, the deputies transported the motorcycles to and from the appropriate vendor. This process has proved problematic. Quite often Fleet was unaware of any repairs made or needs for service until an invoice was submitted for payment or we received a complaint from a deputy about an incorrect repair. As you may recall, this is…show more content…
Instead of the deputies transporting the motorcycles to the vendor, as they had done in the past, Fleet is now being told that the deputies do not have time to transport the motorcycles, thus placing this responsibility onto Jared and Lisa. In the past week, 04/24 through 04/28, Jared was told by two different deputies that different bikes needed to be transported to a vendor for service and each deputy indicated they did not have time to transport the bike, consequently putting this responsibility on Fleet. Incidentally, this sudden change in philosophy on the part of the motorcycle deputies will only serve to increase the timeframe for getting these motorcycles to a vendor. Furthermore, in just referencing the Victory motorcycles, these are two high value assets, as the Sheriff’s Office acquired them at a cost of $36,277.54, not including the shipping expense. Although the Sheriff’s Office has a general purpose flatbed trailer, modified to transport motorcycles, this is not an ideal situation. The trailer was modified by adding a motorcycle wheel chock, which with the assistance
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