Sherlock Holmes : A Game Of Shadows

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Sherlock Holmes: a game of shadows (2011) described an adventure of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion doctor John Watson. After finding out the evil plan of Professor James Moriarty, who is trying to start a world war, they decide to stop him. Joining them a gypsy fortune teller named Simza. She is urged to save her brother, who is brain-washed by Moriarty and plays a key role in the unsuccessful assassination happens at the peace summit in Switzerland, which is the most crucial part in Moriarty’s plan. The detective throws himself and Moriarty down the Reichenbach Falls at the end, but magically survived. The adventure of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson continues.
The last time an American film featuring Sherlock Holmes went into the theater was 34 years ago (Young Sherlock Holmes 1985). After such a long period it makes people wonder: what image of Sherlock Holmes will be delivered in this film? This essay will be discussing how does this movie with its nature of being a blockbuster action/adventure film perform a story about Sherlock Holmes and whether this attempt is successful. And how the action sequences serves the narrative and its definition as a blockbuster film.
After the success of the first Sherlock movie, Sherlock Holmes (2009), producers decided they want a sequel and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was born. This movie is as successful as the first one. With a budget of 125 million, the film eventually achieved 545.4 million in box…
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