Sherlock Holmes : An Fictional Detective Created By Sir Conan

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Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective created by Sir Conan Arthur Doyle and despite his first story, A Study in Scarlet, being published in 1887 he still continues to amaze and entertain the world with his prowess and crime-solving abilities, of which can be seen in modern shows such as Sherlock and Elementary, each having their own special spins and twists on the original stories. Due to it’s popularity, the idea of Sherlock Holmes has developed hundreds of pastiches over time, one might even wonder, “what makes these stories so popular”? Sherlock Holmes is first, and above all, nothing short of abnormal. From his methods to his mindset, he always seems to be thinking outside of the box of traditional thought; which can only be beneficial considering he’s a detective and has had no shortage of strange cases. In A Study in Scarlet, Holmes is first introduced as he’s beating a corpse-odd hobby for anybody. But he does this not to let out his aggression, in fact he does it for science; he wished to see how long after death, the human body would continue to bruise. Is this a normal thought for someone in the late 18th century to be thinking? No. Are the methods a bit odd? Yes. But it’s things like this that increase our interest into Sherlock Holmes; we hope to understand him and the way he thinks. Of with eccentric behaviors and thoughts come eccentric knowledge and philosophies, thus we come to the mind palace and the science of deduction. When John Watson first meets
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