Sherlock Holmes : The Adventure Of The Cardboard Box

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My book is called Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Cardboard Box. It is a mystery written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote many stories starring Sherlock Holmes. It is set in 19th century England. The major character is Sherlock Holmes. He possesses a keen intellect and is a master of reason and deduction. He has a brilliant analytical mind and an incredible range of knowledge. Sherlock is over six feet tall, thin, with piercing gray eyes and a thin hawk-like nose. Because he is self-appointed, Sherlock is the only consulting detective in the world. Although he is emotionally detached and can be looked at as cold, Sherlock manages to maintain a close relationship with Dr. John H. Watson, his roommate. A minor character is John H. Watson, who narrates the story and is Sherlock’s assistant and friend. John is a physician for the British army in Afghanistan, but is put on leave due to a shoulder injury. Being an Army veteran, he is an excellent shot and has a high sense of honor. He is fairly intelligent, loyal, straight-forward, and brave. John is middle-aged, strongly built, of average height, and has a small mustache. He is devoted to Sherlock and would risk his life for him. Another minor character is Miss Susan Cushing, a middle-aged placid woman who is the victim of what appears to be a revolting practical joke. Miss Cushing has large gentle eyes and gray hair. She has two sisters, Sarah and Mary. Jim Browning is the alcoholic husband of Mary. Alec Fairbairn

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