Sherlock Holmes : The Elements Of Detective Fiction

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Sherlock Holmes can be described in many words starting with mysterious or intelligent. Being born on May 22, 1859, in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Doyle had various occupations, including physician, surgeon, and author. Although this may seem impossible, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote fifty-six short stories, most of them involving his most famous character, Sherlock Holmes. Inspiration for the famous detective came to Doyle while attending Edinburgh University in the late 1870s, where he met his teacher, Dr. Joseph Bell, who was able to deduce his patients' occupations and other information from observing their appearance. Bell became the model for Sherlock Holmes because of his deductive skills that allowed him to make proper diagnoses, and…show more content…
This case is significant since it involves an important animal on which people have bet large amounts of money as well as an unsolved murder. An additional characteristic of Detective Fiction is that because a large part of the attraction of a detective story is the opportunity for the reader to try to figure out the solution along with the detective, all suspects of the crime must be introduced early in the story. In this story, the reader does indeed meet all of the suspects at the beginning, but there is no way one could predict who is guilty of the crime of murder. “Silver Blaze” is a compelling story filled with characters stumbling through this adventure with little hope for an answer until Sherlock Holmes arrives. There are various “people who had the strongest interest in preventing Silver Blaze” from being at the race, so there are multiple suspects (2). Many people were rapidly starting to become suspects z“who had the strongest interest in preventing Silver Blaze from being there at the fall of the flag next Tuesday”(2). Since the beginning of the mystery those two people were already started to be accused of being suspects. Each character is a separate detail, and when all the details are examined, Holmes solves the case of the missing horse and its murdered trainer. Ultimitaley, a third characteristic that applies to Detective Fiction is that the solution must seem obvious, logical. At the end of the story, Holmes is able to
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