Sherlock Holmes : The Man Who Knows Everything Essay

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Before there was Batman, the man who knows everything, there was Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887; Doyle had created Sherlock to be the world’s greatest detective, along with his partner Dr. Watson. Watson and Sherlock had met when Watson’s friend Stamford introduces him to Sherlock, at that time Sherlock was trying to find someone to share the rent for a room with. Watson in the stories is portrayed as the writer of the Sherlock Holmes adventures, and embodies Conan Doyle’s persona the most, having his medical expertise and sharing a similar rough background. Sherlock is the embodiment of that which Doyle wishes to be the most, cocky and adventurous. Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories were beyond his time; Doyle had a knack for being extremely adventures in his works, and was one of the first works of science fiction, delving into multiple forms of medical practice, forensic science, and methods of philosophy. The Sherlock Holmes novels were so popular that it was in demand in other countries but due to the publisher’s hold on the rights to the stories, did not have them printed or shipped to other countries, particularly countries to the west; leading to countries making pirated versions of the stories. Throughout all novels Doyle makes it his mission to attack as many social, political, and medical issues that he can think of. Doyle uses his own adventures and experience to model his characters, environment,

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