Sherlock The Abominable Bride Analysis

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The third trailer for Sherlock: “The Abominable Bride” is a mere forty-three seconds with only the first thirty-five seconds actually showing clips from the episode, yet the trailer is fraught with layers of rhetoric. The trailer can be found on the YouTube channel “Sherlock” and was published December 12th, 2015. Sherlock: “The Abominable Bride” was an episode released in between seasons three and four and directed by Douglas Mackinnon. The trailer itself is much too short to inform the viewer of what transpires in the episode, rather, it is a compilation of scenes that pose a question and give a promise.
The first thing one notices when watching the trailer is the use of space and dimensions. There are primarily two types of spaces used in
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Sherlock does this in two ways. The first by posing a question and the second offering a promise. As previously stated, the trailer crafts a question by creating a contradiction that the question is based on. The question is the strongest persuasive technique used by the trailer. The second technique is a promise. Within less than a minute, the trailer makes two promises. The first one is a promise of humor. There are ten pieces of dialogue within the trailer. Four of those are used to make just one joke. Sherlock says, “to the morgue! There’s not a moment to lose. Which one can so rarely say of a morgue.” The joke is placed almost directly in the middle of the trailer. For most of the trailer the atmosphere is dark and intense, yet for six seconds in the middle of the trailer, the atmosphere shifts suddenly. The joke seems to be a complete outlier. It does not follow the intensity of the rest of the trailer. The only practical reason that the joke is there must be to give promise. The trailer promises that although the episode will be intense, there will also be lighter, funnier moments. The second promise is a little less obvious. It goes hand and hand with the question. The promise is that the question will be answered. To do this the trailer poses little questions, ‘such as who is hiding?’ by using confined spaces. The trailer then answers the question by showing and saying the “avenging ghost” and “the bride.” So when the trailer leaves viewers with an unanswered question, they believe that the episode will answer it because they have been trained by the trailer to believe so. The trailer also says that Sherlock will give the answers, which is ever so softly implied by the way Sherlock says things. To illustrate, he says “I know it can’t” and “to the morgue, there’s not a moment to lose.” Sherlock makes these statements with a voice of knowledge and control. He gives viewers a
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