Sherman Alexie 's Life Of A Teenage Native American

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Before reading this book, I honestly knew little about Native American. I knew that many lived on reservations, but I knew nothing about those reservations. By being brutally honest, Sherman Alexie provided incite to how the everyday life of a teenage Native American is like. This book opened my eyes to the problems that Native American’s face, that I was in the dark about before. Life on a reservation is a lot different than I would have thought it to be. Many people, including myself think about teepees, people running around half naked with a flowery headdress on chanting ritual songs, and others sitting around smoking their pipes. This, however, as Alexie pointed out, far from the truth. In reality, most Native American children had many things in common with every other American. Most live in a house and went to school, just like every other child in America. Of course, there are some disparities. For example, at my high school, we rarely got new textbooks. Some of our books were obviously older than ten to fifteen years old. However, we would have never had to use a book that had been used ever since my parents had been in school. This proves how our system is flawed on how schools are funded. Alexie’s book also points out how violent things can be on a reservation. He points out that there are unwritten rules of fighting. Some of these included “if somebody insults you, then you have to fight him,” or “if somebody insults any of your family or friends, or if…

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