Sherman Alexie 's ' The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian '

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Sherman Alexie is a Native American author who wrote The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.... This story depicts a young Native American boy named Arnold spirit who grows up on the Spokane Indian Reservation face with poverty and alcoholism. After living on the reservation for 14 years, Arnold decides to leave the reservation in attending an all white school off the reservation named Reardan. Well at Reardan what makes a few friends named Gordy and Penelope who have made a good impact on his life. Later on in the school year Arnold makes varsity basketball team but loses to the opposing team after that a series of unfortunate events including the death of his grandmother the death of his dad’s best friend and his sister dying in a house fire have all left him in a deep depressed state. After these traumatic events Arnold begins to look at himself in a new way and sees where he fits in in life. This novel has many thematic and symbolic objects each contributing to Sherman Alexie 's life on the reservation. In the novel Arnold Spirit also known as junior is the narrator who takes the readers on his journey as he leaves the reservation and begins attending Reardan High School. When we first meet Arnold we learn that he is susceptible to seizures and has a stutter and a lisp, this is due to having a medical problem known as “water on the brain”. Readers learn Arnold is talented with drawing cartoons when he is board. Arnold hates living in poverty and dreams
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