Sherman's march to the Sea

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Title: Sherman’s March to the Sea Name: Institution: Name of Facilitator: Course Name and Number: Date: Abstract This paper describes a campaign that helped decide the American Civil War. A General of the Union army named William Tecumseh Sherman helped lead a campaign that started in Georgia go the sea in Savannah, and finish to help aid the main forces in the Carolinas. During this march the soldiers lived off the land and the Southern people’s food and burning anything that could be of military use to the South’s forces. This march helped decisively end the war, and struck many blows to the South’s forces and its people’s morale, that Sherman’s army could march unopposed through the South.…show more content…
Other soldiers gave up sleeping, when it got to cold, to sit in front of roaring fires (Kennett, 1995). The wind in the area sometimes combined with the rains and the cold air, nearly knocking over the tents of the soldiers and making them freeze into the night. During Sherman’s March to the Sea, he made a stop at Georgia’s then capital, Milledgeville. Sherman arrived in Milledgeville encountering virtually no resistance from Confederate troops; for they were off defending Macon and Augusta and various key bridges across rivers and gorges. The Georgia governor had fled the town and took anything of value from the Executive Mansion, shortly before Sherman arrived. Sherman took note of the bare house and its slim pickings and slept inside along with some equipment and other soldiers for the next few days. News of Sherman’s capture of Georgia’s capital helped break apart the will of the Confederate soldiers. After Sherman’s short rest he continued his march to Savannah where he could replenish his supplies. Sherman arrived on the outskirts of Savannah on December 11, 1864. The city was occupied by Confederate troops, and they had the city locked down. To help seize the city Sherman would have to capture Fort McAllister to be able to safely advance to Savannah. Sherman sends 4,000 infantry to seize the fort. After a very brief struggle the fort is seized and is in control by Sherman, and this fort gives him
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