Sherron Watkins And Enron Case Analysis

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Sherron Watkins and Enron Mylissa Hess I have chosen to write a response to the questions assigned that exposes Sherron Watkins’s experiences at Enron and the events leading to her Time Magazine “Persons of the Year” 2002 nomination. Watkins was Vice President of Enron Corporation who alerted then-CEO Ken Lay in August 2001 to accounting irregularities within the company. Some biography information regarding Ms. Watkins, who entered employment with Enron in late 1993, was initially employed to work for Andrew Fastow. Her role was to manage Enron’s $1 billion-plus portfolio of energy related investments, a position that she held for just a little of over 3 years. In 1997 she transferred to Enron’s international group focusing primarily on mergers and acquisitions of energy assets around the world. In 2001 after having spent a year in Enron’s broadband unit she went back to work for Mr. Fastow where he was responsible for the mergers and acquisitions group of Enron Corp. It was not until November 2002 that Ms. Watkins resigned from Enron, almost a year after Enron filed for bankruptcy that lead to financial devastation. How did Watkins become aware of the financial reporting problems within the Enron Company? In 2001, after almost eight years with Enron, returned to work for Andrew Fastow, Enron’s chief financial officer (CFO), on a special assignment. These assignment was to estimate the economic effect of potential sales of some of Enron’s assets. This special assignment was
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