Sherwin Dowell . Cmlit 101H. 03/02/ 2017. The Poison That

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Sherwin Dowell
03/02/ 2017
The Poison that is a Temptress

The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey of Homer are two of the most known epic poems in the world. The Epic of Gilgamesh, the first recorded epic which depicts the journey of the god-like Babylonian king Gilgamesh, and his quest towards immortality with his close friend and god-like equal Enkidu. The Odyssey of Homer depicts the journey of Odysseus, who is returning to his kingdom, Ithaca from triumph in the Trojan War. Each hero in these epics encounters a temptress, whether it be divine or mortal, with a chance at seduction. Due to their encounters, each hero draws sight of the poison in which the temptress brought to him during his journey.
The hero Enkidu from The
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(Gilgamesh, SBV Tablet VII. iii).
Enkidu blames the harlot Shamhot of his fate because he was content with his situation before she seduced him. He assumed his fate would have differed because he was pure, only after he was defiled by her and turned away from the forest made a reason for the gods to choose this fate. Within the same epic reveals the presence of temptation towards the hero Gilgamesh during his journey with Enkidu back home after slaying Huwawa.
He clothed himself in robes and tied on a sash. Gilgamesh put his crown on his head. And Ishtar the princess raised her eyes to the beauty of Gilgamesh. Come to me, Gilgamesh, and be my lover! Bestow on me the gift of your fruit! (Gilgamesh, SBV Tablet VI. I)
Her offer was for Gilgamesh to please her, become her husband, and gain immortality. Ishtar was attempting to use Gilgamesh’s ambition for immortality as a hook to reel him towards her, however, Ishtar does not know Gilgamesh possesses knowledge of her past lovers, and what happened to them while dealing with her.
A shoe which bites into [the foot] of its wearer. Which of your lovers [lasted] forever? Which of your masterful paramours went to heaven? Come let me [describe (?)] your lovers to you! He of the sheep... (Gilgamesh, SBV Tablet VI. ii)
Gilgamesh knew if he got involved with Ishtar she would eventually get bored of him and turn him into a beast like she had her past
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