Sheryl Sandberg's Speech : Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

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In 2010, Sheryl Sandberg gave a TED Talk entitled “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders.” Sandberg,the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and the ex-vice president for Google’s Global Online Sales and Operations and chief of staff for the Secretary of the Treasury, uses her current position as a powerful working woman, as well as a strict logical structure and pathetic examples, to argue that women should be more aggressive in professional arenas.
This speech was given at a TED conference in a full auditorium. The full auditorium leaves no room for direct connection to Sandberg, so she must use her speech to connect to her audience. Sandberg’s speech was given to a group of women in December of 2010. The speech was about the current status
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The speech is also possibly more available to younger women or women who could not attend a TED conference, but this online version of the speech may still inspire many others.
Sandberg’s most effective rhetorical device is her use of ethos. As a very accomplished woman she receives some recognition for her achievements, and the fact that she is giving a TED Talk, in front of all of those people, gives her a certain level of recognition. Although she doesn’t describe her past and other experiences in depth in the speech, it can probably be assumed the audience is aware of her background. However, her appeal to ethos can be seen in many other ways. Firstly by her presentation. The way she commands the stage and her flawless speaking style demonstrate to the audience that she is knowledgeable about this subject matter. For her introduction, she uses a story about a CEO not knowing where the women’s bathroom was in his own office, which he had worked in for more than a year. She uses this example to not only bolster her case that women are underrepresented in the workplace, but also to improve her ethos. By telling this story, it is clear that she has been in the board meeting and seen this inequality firsthand. This is a great example of how a personal anecdote could be used to support an argument. A major argument in speech is how women also have the added pressure of balancing work and kids; Sandberg
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