She's Been Here: A Narrative Fiction

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She doesn't know how long she's been here. How many days have passed since she woke up on the hard slab table and saw all those faces staring at her; she doesn't know anything. No memories of nothing besides waking up and this same concrete room. A few people dressed in white walked by her cell in the beginning, but as the days wore on, they stopped coming and now they don't come at all.
The bed beneath her creaks when she rolls over, facing the bars that trap her in here. She starts to imagine many things that could happen because after staring at grey concrete walls and grey ceiling for a while, your mind starts conjuring things up to keep itself occupied. She's already tried thinking of how she got her and every single scenario but is no
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W h a t ' s g o i n g o n ? S o m e t h i n g groans above and she scrambles back. Her eyes widen when she sees the metal bars that have held her in captivity, start to slide open.
She stands there, frozen to the spot with thoughts racing around in her head. She thinks some man in white will come through and tell her she passed the test but that never happened. It stays wide open.
With just three hesitant steps forward, she stands outside of the cell. Heart racing and her breaths coming in and out quickly, she starts walking down the hall, scared that at any minute someone could come out and drag her back to the cell. The further down the hall she gets, the more she starts to think that she might actually might make it out of here. B ut where would I go? As soon as she has that thought, a voice cuts through the silence.
"Anna!" She stops, confused.
In the distance, she can see two figures running to where she stands. The closer they get, the better she's able to get a look at whoever these people are. One's a guy and the other is definitely a girl. They stop about four feet away from her, out of
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Though she doesn't know these people, she believes she'll be better off with whoever these strangers are. They seem to know her so maybe she'll finally get answers.
Running behind them, she tries to take in her surroundings but after a few turns, they're out. The sunlight bright against her unexposed eyes. Squinting in pain, she slows to a stop. Once adjusted to the light, she marvels in the world around her.
It's not much, just trees. Trees are everywhere. Ethan yells at her to hurry up so she hurries to catch up, glancing back once at the place that kept her. It's huge, at least three stories. It closely resembles a hospital but something more sinister lurks inside.
There's a car not long from the place. Marie and Ethan take the front and Anna slides in the back, trying to process everything. And that's when they start to explain.
Her name is Annabelle Parker. The date is September 3, 2017. Citizens have been divided into sections based on abilities. There are four sections. The first is The Supreme, people who have the ability to detect lies and any deceit. They make up the government officials. The second is The Elite, people who are the geniuses. They can solve any puzzle or problem and make up the doctors, lawyers, and detectives. The third section is The Workers, people who do all the other mundane jobs. It's pretty self­explanatory. Most of their abilities consist of telekinesis. The final section are The Outcasts, the people with no ability.
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