She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb Essay

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Before taking this course, I always looked at films and read books just as the average person does; interesting plot and how long will it hold my interest, but this course gave me an entire different perspective when watching films and reading books. Now that I have taken this course and have watched the required films, the most important thing when watching other movies and reading books, is the meaning behind each scene and how they relate and affect our world. For this paper, I will discuss a book that I read a long time ago, which is She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb and how this book relates to this course. She’s Come Undone is a story about a girl named Dolores Price. In this book, the author takes you through Dolores’ life, starting…show more content…
In this particular film Harold was very interested in death, and because of this he attempted many fake suicide attempts as a cry for help and attention. When Harold meets a woman named Maude, she teaches him many life lessons and the importance of living life to the fullest. In turn Harold opens up to her about his thoughts and feelings and the two of them become great friends. This film relates to She’s Come Undone because just like Harold, Dolores battled her own issues and attempted suicide. Both of these characters meet people who help them understand that life is worth living no matter the struggles or hardships we face. With Harold, there was Maude and for Dolores, there was Dr. Shaw. Dr. Frost mentioned something in the notes that I believe helped both of these characters get through there hard times and that is: One of the most powerful and saving emotions is laughter. It helps keep us healthy both emotionally and physically. We can literally laugh our way out of illness! During the talks with Maude and the therapy sessions with Dr. Shaw, both Harold and Dolores were able to laugh through their troubles. As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed this course because it gave me a different perspective on what to look for when watching films and read books. She’s Come Undone was a great book the first time I read it and even better this time around. This book relates to the other films as well, but the

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