She's Dating the Gangster

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She 's Dating the Gangster - Credits to the Author [Chapter 1] You wanna know a secret? Ok ok.. He 's not my first love and I 'm NOT his first love. Definitely not. So what is it that made me love and cling to him this much? Well, he 's irritating, loud, and he 's not sweet! He 's weird, he smokes, he drinks, he goes clubbing on a weekday, and he fights and bullies a lot. Take note, A LOT. He is very moody and a bit blunt. Oh yeah, he even threatened to kill me. -- for short, HE IS A GANGSTER. NO he 's not a criminal, a mobster, a hoodlum or a thug. I have my own definition of a gangster you know.. I kind of pushed all of his bad traits. OK FINE. I 'm sorry. He 's nice (at times), he lets me feel that I 'm extra…show more content…
Nakapag enroll na rin naman tayo eh, kaya ok na yun." "Hassle kasi, bakit ba kasi nila nalaman yung tungkol satin. Nakakaasar kasi yung mga ingitera eh.!" "Pabayaan mo na, nakuha naman natin yung half nung tuition fee eh, so pwede na yun." After our cheap thrill, we went home. Oh yeah. I haven 't introduced myself yet I 'm Athena Dizon, 17 years old, was born here in the Philippines, stayed here for 2 years then went to Korea. I grew up in Korea, I lived there for almost 10 years. I stayed in the States with Sara for 3 years then went back to Korea just to ask our parents permission to allow us live in the Philippines. I 'm a pure Filipino. I have a 20 y/o half-brother his name is Sang Min but his English name is Nathan. He 's half-Filipino half-Korean. We can both speak Tagalog. My dad told me that my mom died because of a heart failure or something like that. Oh well. My step mom treated me well. She 's like a real mom to me. She loves me more than Nathan oppa! ^____^ Sara Jung is my best friend. She 's a 50% Filipino, 25% Korean and 25% Japanese, am I right? I suck in math. Sorry. Her mom and my dad were best friends since pre-school. Basically they 're like us, me and Sara. So now, we transferred to another school because of 5 reasons: FIRST that school sucks SECOND we got bored THIRD too many sl*uts FOURTH they found out about our secret FIFTH I think I 've said it all, so I 'm

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