She's The Man Analysis

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Elements of comedy such as people in drunken states, love triangles, trickery, and also making fun of social convictions originated from tales such as Geoffrey Chaucer “Canterbury Tales” and Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”. This can not only been seen in society, but is also proven through modern media such as “she’s the man “directed by Andy Fickman, and also many other entertaining values. Many people today fawn and cherish over the comedy of today, although they fail to realize the said comedic values derive from the old days.
There is no doubt in the fact that society today loves watching people in drunken states. This can be seen on almost any social media platform and also on television as well. Though intoxication has been seen as comedic
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She does this to ensure herself employment and to protect herself due to the fact that she is in a new place all by herself. Once she achieves this and gets herself a job and ensures her safety, the story starts to unfold. During this many funny scene can be seen regarding the trick that viola plays on the rest of the characters. Another hilarious scene rom the story is when Maria, sir toby and another character decide to play a dangerous trick on a character named malvolio. This can be found in act 2 scene 5 of the tale and shows just how funny trickery could be. The scene begins with Maria toby and Andrew hiding, with the letter had been already placed for malvolio to find. Cheerful malvolio walk down impressed with his own shadow and caring on about the affections he thinks that have been expressed to him by Olivia once he stumbles upon a letter. Though this is not the case and the three mischievous characters find great joy in watching malvolio act like a fool. All of these examples of past stories with the same comedic values that we as a society find enjoyable today show that we inherited the stigmas of our comedy from the our past. A prime example that proves the twelfth night specifically had an impact on today’s comedy would be the movie she’s the man. In the film Amanda bines the protagonist has to deal with sexism in a rough way by not being allowed to join and play I n the boys soccer team. She finds herself with the perfect opportunity when her twin brother leaves off to London to follow hos dream of music and leads his mother to believe that he is going to college. Quick to act viola asks her friend to fully transform her into a more masculine figure to fool the college and the students attending there In thinking she is in fact a man. In doing so she then allowed to play soccer again and finds herself in many hilarious situations
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