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Summer Session 3 (2012)
Summary: Is Popular Culture Good for You?
Length: 1-2 pages (double-spaced with proper header, a descriptive title, and a Works Cited entry)
Source: David Crystal’s “2B or not 2B”
Due: End of class period, Wednesday, June 13th
Percentage of Final Grade: 10%
Objective: Write a summary of Crystal’s essay “2B or not 2B.” Use a template from They Say, I Say to begin your summary. Make appropriate rhetorical “moves,” such as integrating quotes, choosing strong verbs, and using effective transitions. Most importantly, demonstrate that you understand the what, how, and why: (1) What is the main argument or “gist” of Crystal’s essay? (2) How does Crystal
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7. Does the essay need proofreading? Does it contain basic errors in grammar, punctuation, and/or spelling?

Laura Dubek ENGLISH 1020-001 Summer Session 3 (2012)
Annotated Bibliography 1: Is Food the New Tobacco?

Length: 5 entries (2+ pages, typed, double-spaced with proper header, see RM 124-127)
Sources: At least 4 different types: books, chapters in books, encyclopedias, pamphlets, scholarly essays, newspaper articles, magazine articles, websites, documentaries, personal interviews, advertisements. You can use up to 2 essays from our textbook, They Say, I Say.
Due: Monday July 23rd Percentage of Final Grade: 10% Objective: Research any aspect of the Food Industry—advertising/marketing, fast food, obesity, school lunch programs, eating disorders and body image, organics, food production and distribution, the FDA and food safety, etc.—compiling a list of relevant and reliable source material. Read/view/consult these sources and write concise summaries of each. Present your summaries in the form of an annotated bibliography. See Chapter 10 of Research Matters for examples of annotations.
Criteria for Evaluation:
1. Is the
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