Shi Huangdi and his Legacy in China

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It is often debated whether an individual person can make a difference. Whether an individual can change or help shape history. Throughout all of our World’s history, there have been many empires; some have prospered, while others have failed. At the heart of the more successful and enduring empires, typically, is a strong leader. The most successful leaders have unified feuding nations, brought law and order to regions where only chaos existed, and drove change; carrying their countries and people into the future. One such leader was Shi Huangdi. Shi Huangdi was born Zhao Zheng in 259 BCE, once in power he changed his name to Shi Huangdi, this means the “First Emperor”. He did this with the belief that all of China’s royal posterity would run through his bloodline. “Shi Huangdi was the first emperor of the Qin dynasty in the third century BCE” (Blackwell). Shi Huangdi ruled the Qin dynasty for a very brief time and isn’t one of China’s more celebrated rulers; largely because harsh rule and cruel methods of imposing punishment. However, during his reign, laws were established, great progress was made, China flourished, and Shi Huangdi cemented himself in history forever. Shi Huangdi had a strong belief in legalism, which led to harsh rule that has been critiqued among history experts throughout the ages. Shi Huangdi’s philosophies set him apart from most rulers and led to much hatred and criticism, but they also paved the way for China’s golden age. “Although his methods
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