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In the United States, there is not one person that can truthfully consider themselves above the law. No matter a person’s age, ethnicity, sex, economic status, social status, or religious beliefs, anyone who defies the laws of society can be punished under the law. Even though majority of the crimes that are regularly posted on local media outlets are committed by normal people, celebrities can even get arrested and thrown in jail for the crimes that they commit. Recently, a celebrity named Shia LaBeouf was arrested this past January in New York City, New York.
Background of the Crime During the early morning hours on January 26, 2017, actor Shia LaBeouf was standing in front of his artwork outside an anti-Trump installation when he was approached by a 25-year old man (Mclaughlin, Shrier, Tracy, & Sommerfeldt, 2017). The man walked in between him, and his camera and LaBeouf immediately confronted the man (Mclaughlin, Shrier, Tracy, & Sommerfeldt, 2017). During the confrontation, LaBeouf and the man started to exchange words (Mclaughlin, Shrier, Tracy, & Sommerfeldt, 2017). A few minutes later, LaBeouf ripped off the man’s scarf and pushed him down to the ground (Mclaughlin, Shrier, Tracy, & Sommerfeldt, 2017). Later, the victim got up and waved at a passing patrol car and LaBeouf was immediately arrested and charged with assault
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The conflict paradigm describes that a person’s actions is geared towards fighting inequality (“What Are the Three Major Theoretical Paradigms in Sociology”, n.d.). Before this situation occurred, LaBeouf was trying to protest Donald Trump’s presidency by putting up a sign that says, “he will not divide us” and a camera that people can speak into. LaBeouf’s actions could best be described by this paradigm since LaBeouf was protesting President Donald Trump’s new
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