Shiawassee County Community Mental Health Essay

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Shiawassee County Community Mental Health

Shiawassee County Community Mental Health (SCCMH) is an agency that provides various services to the people of Shiawassee County Michigan. This paper will explain SCCMH and their mission to the public, core values, and vision of the future.

Mission Statement. "To provide individualized behavioral health care services to members of the community to assist them in improving and maintaining quality of life by reaching their personal goals." Core Values. "Teamwork. Integrity. Respect and Courtesy. Quality. Continuous Improvement." Vision Statement. "The Shiawassee County Community Mental Health Services Board will be the state leader in managing and providing innovative behavioral
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Housing assistance includes but is not limited to individuals in adult foster care, supported independent living for people, and assistance for persons living in their own homes. Support Services. This service is only available to those with severe mental illness or a developmental disability. The purpose for this
Service is to provide assistance to these persons in living in the community and avoiding hospitalization. Support services include the following: Home Based Services. There are two home based programs SCCMH offers, the first being Children's Intensive Home Base Service. This is a service that provides in home care from SCCMH staff to children with severe emotional disturbances or emotional mental illnesses. The other is Infant Mental Health, a service for families who have concerns about their infant's social and emotional development. Both of these services take place in family's home. Supports Coordination. This service is available to persons with a developmental disability or mental illness. The purpose of this service is to provide assistance obtaining medical, social, educational, and vocational services to fit the individuals needs. Adults with a severe and persistent mental illness who are in need of more intensive care, support, and monitoring may receive services from SCCMH Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACT). Community Living Training, Supports, and Skill Building. This service is to
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