Essay on Shifting Efficiency

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Shifting Efficiency One of the most important and life-altering inventions in history is the creation of the automobile. The first model was built with a manual transmission, meaning the operator of the vehicle was responsible for manually changing gears to increase speed. This method of acceleration, while efficient, required the complete attention of the operator, and it sometimes took away the enjoyment of driving. This led to the invention of the automatic transmission, a method by which the operator of the vehicle no longer had to switch gears, as this was done automatically. Since the development of the automatic transmission, there has always been conflict about which method of acceleration is more efficient. Driving a vehicle…show more content…
When using a standard, learning how to create the equilibrium of letting one foot off the clutch and pressing the other on the gas pedal in first gear could take a while to master. An automatic car, with the process of driving in first gear taken care of—magically to most people, is much simpler and less time consuming to learn. All a person has to do is put the gear shift in drive and press on the gas pedal. The final question of efficiency lies within the problem of figuring out which type of transmission is better when racing. In this area, the manual transmission becomes the popular choice, compared to the automatic. An automatic does not give the driver the freedom to shift gears when desired, as this is sometimes necessary when shift variation is a key element to winning a race. The manual transmission allows the driver to choose when it is necessary to shift gears, sometimes giving the racer an edge over someone who is racing with an automatic car. Even though an automatic transmission takes the work out of driving—something most people are thankful for, given that some could never handle the task of shifting manually, the standard has its own advantages also. The decision about which transmission is more efficient may never be reached, given the advantages and disadvantages of each. It really depends on the person who buys the car and what it will be
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