Shifts in the Fatherly Relationships in Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden

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Robert Hayden wrote about his strained relationship with his father in his childhood years. Yet, as much as Robert Hayden seemed not to appreciate his father when he was young, his father worked hard to ensure the comfort of his son, and to ready him for the adult life. This is understandable since parent child relationships often go through phases. Robert Hayden used strong language to create a tone that shifts from gratefulness to regret, painting a picture of his relationship with his father over a lifetime. In stanza 1, Robert Hayden used detail and imagery to portray the grateful tone. Hayden’s father worked hard in any conditions to bring comfort to the household. “Sundays too” the poet’s father “got up early” Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest for the masses, a break from the “labor in the weekday”. Yet, Robert’s father is willing to give up his sleep and comfort for the comfort of his son. This can be thought of like a parent in the Holocaust giving up some of their rations to their son or daughter. Sacrificing common human comforts to give relief to family member is not an easy thing to do, especially facing such difficult circumstances as that, yet, often; parents are willing to do it. Robert Hayden now sees that he witnessed this in his father, and is grateful for it. Robert’s father would not just have to arise early, but also “put his clothes on in the blueblack cold” as well. Getting rid of the cold is the very reason that the father gets up in the

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