Shimmy Shimmy Soda Pop

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Shimmy Shimmy Soda Pop on a hot summer day one will find a lot of people enjoying soda pop, it is well used in the summer as a cool beverage because of its coldness it will sooth ones taste buds leaving one wanting more. Hearing the fizz as one opens, tasting the coolness, and after, feeling the soft sweet drink in ones throat will make one feel fresh and new. Though many people will think there is a lot of bad in soda, technically it’s just carbonated water, which is basically “gas that’s called carbon dioxide that has been dissolved under high pressure” ( When one opens a can of soda pop the carbon dioxide in it is released out causing the bubbles in the drink, and the best part for this project is that one can choose their own way to do it, yes they may have to follow what the recipe calls for but they can choose their favorite flavors and their own color for it like if they wanted to they could make a bacon flavored pop but it might not taste the best but the point would be that it would be their own idea. “when water underground comes in contact with a source of carbon, such as limestone” ( soda pop is a sweet tasty thing for the taste buds and even though it’s not the best for people scientist believe it is good for your taste buds and throat because its cold and soothing that’s why if one is sick or have a upset stomach certain soda will make one feel better. Because of the fizz in it and coolness it will
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