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GAC022 Assessment Event 2: Written Report Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Student’s Name: Zafrina Sung Student ID#: 812057 Teacher: Dave Delbridge Due date: Jun 07 2012 World Count: 1,905 Table of Content Executive Summary p.3 Introduction p.3 Methods p.4 Findings p.4 Discussion p.6 Conclusion and Recommendations p.7 Reference list p.8 Executive Summary Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is the department store that is going to branch out either Brazil or Russia. The objective of this research is to determine which country is the best one to branch. The research was collected from the internet. The five dimensions of national…show more content…
In this case, the leadership style in Taiwan is considered to be somehow paternalistic. The company Unilever used different strategy in Brazil and Russia. Unilever used three different kinds of strategy in Russia. Before applying their strategy to the market, they did the research about what their consumer needs, where their consumer would be, how many consumers they will have, where to sell their products with different brands. “These three strategies are building leadership in large categories, trading markets up, work on the consumer pyramid and building capabilities as a competitive advantage.”(Unilever in Russia, 2008) As for the Brazil, Unilever seems to have some issues with the local consumers while there is evidence show that Unilever is the company that Brazilians wants to work in. The Unilever Company also did the research about its products, for example, which one is the most popular, which brand it more well-known. They also did the research about why consumers were complaining, why their sale has been decrease since 2007, etc. ( some of this information to Discussion To compare these three countries with the five dimensions of national culture and leadership styles. The leadership style of Brazil and Russia are somehow similar to Taiwan. However, Russian is more authoritarian

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