Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

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GAC022 Assessment Event 2: Written Report

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

Student’s Name: Zafrina Sung
Student ID#: 812057
Teacher: Dave Delbridge
Due date: Jun 07 2012
World Count: 1,905
Table of Content

Executive Summary p.3

Introduction p.3

Methods p.4

Findings p.4

Discussion p.6

Conclusion and Recommendations p.7

Reference list p.8
Executive Summary Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is the department store that is going to branch out either Brazil or Russia. The objective of this research is to determine which country is the best one to branch. The research was collected from the internet.
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Methods The information was collected on Internet. The five dimensions of national culture were collect from It was a valid website which contained lots of information about Greet Hofstede’s idea. The leadership styles information about Russia and Brazil was clearly found in Google. Therefore, the management style was typed as the key word. The data about the management styles in Russia, Brazil and Taiwan was found in this website, What’s more, the data of this company Unilever was collected due to the success of its products. In addition, there were some business blogs that were found in Google.

However, there is always having pros and cons in the research. For example, some websites are the opinion of the people not the fact. Also, there are some data that was collect from the blog, the business blog. It is hard to know that if the information is right or wrong, yet, it could provide some personal idea about branching company overseas. Besides that, some data was collected from the journals online. The journals are more trustful owing to it was written by the experts.

Findings The score in five dimensions of national culture in Brazil is 69 for PDI which is the second highest among the five aspects. It has 38 for the individualism, 49 for MAS, 65 for LTO, and the highest UAI which is 76. In contrary, the score in Russia is that it got 93 for PDI which is also the second highest among all. 39 for IDV, 36 for
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